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Murti is actually a riverside area along the Murti river which is originally the North Dhupjhora area. The riverside is a scenic spot which is close to Chapramary Wildlife as well as Gorumara National Park and is also used as a popular picnic spot during the winter season. It is also close to another river called the Panjhora. The visitors who make plans for Gorumara or Chapramary also stop here at Murti to spend some fun times at the river basin.

Various wildlife animals like the Indian Bison, variety of Deers and Gharials are seen here at times. The bungalow there is a perfect view point for animal gazing especially during the early morning and the evening hours.

How to Reach Murti

How to Reach Murti by Flight:
murti The nearest airport would be Bagdogra which is well connected to major airports across India. Firstly you need to reach Siliguri town which is about 13 km away. From here you could take either the rail route or the road.

How to Reach Murti by Road
The total distance from Siliguri to Murti is about 80 km. The National Highway No. 31, connects Siliguri to Chalsa and from there you need to take the road till Murti. The journey from Siliguri to Murti takes about 2 hours and 30 minutes and there are various bus services like NBST, Bhutan bus, Mini Bus and some Private bus which will take you there.

How to Reach Murti by Train
The nearest local station would be Chalsa, which can be reached by boarding trains from NJP. However you may not find any direct train to Chalsa from other cities. Besides, Siliguri Town station also has trains which should reach you till Chalsa. From there it is just 8 km till Murti.

Highlights of Murti

Let us look at few of the main attractions that would interest the visitors to Murti :

  • It is 9km away from the main township of Jalpaiguri, this is also the nearest railway station.
  • One can often spot wild animals like Elephants, Rhinos, Deer etc who come down to the river bank quite often.
  • The river has strong currents so it is advisable to be a little more careful.
  • The river is not glacier fed so the waters level increases only during the rainy season.
  • The name Murti is derived from the river that flows through it. The riverside is actually the North Dhupjhora area.
  • The Murti River originates high in the mountains of Neora Valley National Park area.


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