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Rocky Island

The beautiful Rocky Island is an upcoming popular tourist destination which is situated in the Samsing hills of the Dooars region of northern Bengal. The place has become a popular adventure destination in the Dooars Valley which is perfectly suited by the beautiful natural.

Rocky Island is an upcoming tourist destination in the Samsing hills of Dooars region in northern Bengal. The name Rocky Island promises lot of adventure and the place actually fulfills them. The name not only promises adventure but also evokes images of big and small rocks making an interesting trail for the tourists to follow. Well, the place has it all and once you reach there you will know that it has lived up to your expectations. You will spot massive rocks on the island named as Bhimsen, Hansdunga, Pathar Kailas, and Neel Kanta. Rocky Island is about 3 kilometers uphill from Suntalekhola and is an enchanting place away from the crowds amidst the sound of the flowing Murti River.

Rocky Island is a new tourist destination in Dooars. In the bank of river Murti Rocky Island is agreat place for adventure tourism & camping. This is 2 km. from Samsing, surrounded by river Murti & Neora Valley National Park. From here adventure lovers can treks Mouchuki, Suntalekhola, Jhandidhara, Sherpa Gao.

How to Reach Rocky Island

Rocky Island

How to Reach Rocky Island by Flight:
The nearest airport will be Bagdogra airport and after reaching you must hire a car till Chalsa and then head to Samsing. It is about 3 km uphill trek from here to reach the place.

How to Reach Rocky Island by Road
The distance from Siliguri to Samsing via Chalsa is about 84 km. The road trip may consist of the entire route is charming with lush tea gardens, mountains and small brooks which will leave an unforgettable experience in your heart.

How to Reach Rocky Island by Train
The closest railway station is the New Mal railway station which can be reached through various trains leaving from NJP. Then you must hire a car or just share a jeep till Samsing. Then, it is about 6 km away from Samsing.

Highlights of Rocky Island

Let us look at a few of the main attractions that would interest the visitors :

    Rocky Island
  • The Rocky Island derives its name from the presence of small and big stones in that location.
  • The trek till Rocky Island is around 3 km from Suntalekhola which is only possible on foot.
  • The stones on the Island are named and some of them are called Bhimsen, Hansdunga, Pathar Kailas, and Neel Kanta.
  • The best trekking sites nearby are Mouchuki, Suntalekhola, Jhandidhara and Sherpa Gao.
  • Camping overnight is possible at the Rocky Island but the necessities provided are very basic.


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