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Frequently Asked Question

Q1. How to reach Dooars from Siliguri?

Ans : The best way to reach Dooars would be taking the road or a rail route both of which provides excellent view of the Dooars greenery.

Q2. What is the reasonable time to visit Gorumara Wildlife Sanctuary?

Ans : The best time to visit Gorumara Wildlife Sanctuary is from February to June month. The entry time is 6AM and exit time is 5PM.

Q3. How to reach Buxa Tiger Reserve?

Ans : Alipurduar is the near railway station which is nearby Rajabhatkhawa. You can hire car from Alipurduar to easily get to Rajabhatkhawa.

Q4. Where can I get Elephant Safari and what are their timings?

Ans : You can get elephant safari in Chilapata nd Jaldapara Wildlife Sanctuaries in the month of June. The best timing is 5.30 AM to 8.30 AM in Jaldapara and 5.30AM to 6PM in Chilapata Wildlife Sanctuary.

Q5. How many tourists are allowed in each car during car safari?

Ans : Only 6 persons are allowed in each car without including the guide.

Q6. When does the jungles remains closed?

Ans : All the wildlife Sanctuaries in Dooars remains closed from around June to September due to the monsoon season which makes it difficult to roam the jungle without any problem.